Ed Lewis

Arrive Delivers All Inclusive Parking Solution to Leading Professional Sports Venues

We’ve spent the first half of the year working closely with venue partners across the U.S. to enhance the game day parking experience for their fans and event-goers. After much work and collaboration with their operations teams, we are a proud partner of several new major professional sports venues. Together, our goal is to help alleviate one of the biggest pain points for fans: parking.

As the leading provider of parking pre-sales for teams and venues across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve recently signed partnerships with the American Airlines Center, Carolina Panthers, SMG Jacksonville, Memphis Grizzlies, Chicago White Sox and more. 

Benefits of Pre-Selling Parking

Pre-selling parking is key to helping alleviate fan stress, reduce congestion around venues, and drive higher venue sales, as fans don’t get reminded of the cost of parking right before they take their seats. Fans are routed directly to the garage entrance and scanned in quickly, getting to their seats early with a cold beverage and extra cash that they would have otherwise spent on parking. Arrive is the only company to integrate parking pre-sales into all of the ticketing platforms and major stadium apps like Venuetize, VenueNext, Yinzcam, and MLB Ballpark. In addition to our long-time partner, Ticketmaster, we’ve recently inked deals with SeatGeek, Tessitura, and Paciolan.

Furthermore, we offer a unique parking solution reaches customers via multiple distribution channels before the event, bringing inventory management into one centralized location, and a one-of-a-kind partnership with Waze that helps fans better navigate to venues and alleviates congestion on game day.


A Proven Solution: Olympia Development Case Study

Olympia Development partnered with Arrive, updated their on-site technology, and included links and interactive widgets on all game day communications. As a result, the venue is pacing to grow its online parking bookings by 240% year-over-year, while dropping its egress time (the time spent leaving a parking garage) by 75% from 45-55 minutes to just 12 minutes.

Let Us Help You

Through our work with hundreds of venues, we have developed a strategically-crafted playbook and sold over $200M of on-site and off-site parking for partners. 

Our #1 goal is to make parking the last thing our partners and their fans worry about. Let’s explore how we can help you and your venue today. Contact us to learn more!

Todd Tucker

Arrive Introduces New On-demand, Connected Technologies

No matter what you think about autonomous vehicles or when you think they’ll be available at scale, it’s safe to admit that connected mobility is here - today. More and more vehicles are coming equipped with connected car services and in-car assistants like Amazon’s Echo Auto will soon turn millions of cars into voice-activated, connected vehicles with the ability to purchase Arrive-powered parking simply by saying, “Alexa, find me parking.” Similar services will be available from Apple, Google and the automakers themselves.

What does it mean for the parking industry? Parking sits at the intersection of three major trends that will shape the future of transportation: mobility as a service, the connected car, and smart cities. Arrive’s mobility partners value parking and understand how important it is - especially seamless, mobile-driven parking operations.

To meet the needs of the evolving ecosystem, our company is laser-focused on developing new on-demand, connected technologies:

  • Building on our original work with TIBA, we have expanded our seamless ingress and egress Bluetooth capabilities through partnerships with FlashParking and Parkonect. Interested in seeing it in action? Visit our booth #618 at IPMI for a demo.
  • We’ve added Skidata and DataPark as new PARCS partners - and have now established strategic relationships with nearly all of the leading PARCS companies.
  • We just rolled out new beacon-based solutions that make on-demand mobile payments easier than ever for customers and connected cars.

In addition to these new technologies, we’re proud to have announced several new venue and mobility partners with dozens more coming in the next few months:

As a company, we continue to be inspired by the possibilities that connected mobility brings to our industry. We are grateful for our parking partners collaboration and willingness to explore this new frontier, and we look forward to seeing you at IPMI.

Ed Lewis

Hit a Home Run with Fans

It’s 3 PM on a Saturday. You’ve been out and about with the kids all day - first, a birthday party. Now, a soccer game. After the game, you’ll have to race home and get them settled quickly, because you have tickets to see your favorite band perform at a downtown venue.

You know how difficult traffic can be heading into the city on a Saturday night, so you anticipate a long commute. Luckily, because you purchased parking from the venue in advance, you received an email offering to help make your drive to the stadium and parking garage a bit easier.

Though a bit skeptical, you use Waze all of the time, so you decided to take them up on their offer and added the trip - called a GamePlan - into your Planned Drives on the app. As an added touch, you notice that you’ll even get an alert when it’s best to leave for the venue.

A couple hours later, just as you are cleaning up from dinner, you receive a notification suggesting you leave now for the concert given changes in traffic conditions. After getting in your car, you hit “navigate” on the notification and begin driving. So far, so good.

You reach the venue in record time, bypassing crowds, road closures and other traffic incidents. Surprisingly, Waze routed you directly to the parking garage - not the actual venue! Great news, considering it would have taken quite a while to circle and work your way back through traffic.

Upon arriving at the parking garage, you see clear signage directing you - as someone who had pre-purchased parking - to a “Fast Lane.” Bypassing a half-dozen cars waiting in line to pay, you pull up to an attendant with a hand-scanner and scan your parking pass and you’re in.

Having saved quite a bit of time, you walk into the venue earlier than expected! After meeting your friends, you grab a drink and sit back to wait for the start of the show.

Arrive and Waze Team Up to Make Venue Parking Easier

The fan experience begins well before a fan steps foot in the venue - and well before venue and stadium managers have any control over it. According to a Populous and Nielsen Sports study from January 2017, parking and transit are the two biggest pain points for people attending events or games at venues.

Arrive can help. We are the leader in end-to-end mobility solutions for venues, committed to building products and services that improve fan experience and have the strongest footprint across the U.S. and Canada. In collaboration with Waze, we developed GamePlan for stadiums and venues, making it easier for fans to get to events on time and reducing traffic and congestion.

How does it work?


Anyone who purchases event parking through an Arrive-powered venue can add the GamePlan directly to their Waze app. Users will receive notifications alerting them when they should depart for the event based on traffic and road conditions, and turn-by-turn directions straight to the stadium or venue’s parking garage.

We’d love to make gameday better for your fans. If you’re interested, please reach out at ed@arrive.com

Dan Roarty

Building and Retaining Loyal Customers Through Bundled Services

Every brand dreams of having a deep and loyal fan base. When it comes down to it, creating loyal fans is similar to creating loyal friends - it requires investment, honesty, patience and care.

Like any real-life relationship, context is key. In real life, we remember past conversations about family and friends, and apply them to future conversations. For companies and brands looking to deepen their relationships with customers, leveraging data will help create context and paint a more rounded picture of your customer, including their desires, and when and where they tend to consume goods and services. When you take time to understand your customer and create products that appeal to them, value and revenue follows.

How GasBuddy Created a New Product for its Loyal Users

Arrive’s partner GasBuddy has a large and loyal fan base within a single platform. The users are attracted to the app because they drive a lot and enjoy savings - in this case, discounted gas. The GasBuddy team understands this about their customer base and hypothesized that their fans’ loyalty could extend to discounted products beyond gas. Additionally, the teams knew that parking and fueling were the most frequent vehicle purchases.

As a result, Arrive and GasBuddy launched “Park with GasBuddy,” extending the brand’s core promise of savings by helping drivers find, book and pay for discounted parking across the United States. As an added benefit, GasBuddy also gave participating users GasBack - rebates in the form of free gasoline - when they “Park with GasBuddy.”

Offering combined services with rewards - without having to create multiple accounts and re-enter credit card information - was immediately well received by GasBuddy users. Initial results were strong, with app retention for users who began using parking quickly becoming a top cohort for GasBuddy. These parkers also had 15% more bookings per user and a 12% higher repeat rate than those who book parking via a standalone app.


The Way People Interact with Mobile Apps is Changing

Not only did GasBuddy and Arrive’s partnership provide the GasBuddy users with a new relevant product that met their needs and desires in one single interface, but it allowed the two companies to build on their respective APIs to power a single parking and fuel solution that automakers, fleets, navigation and other mobility partners can tap into.

Fueling and parking are widely acknowledged as the keys to begin monetizing any connected car service. They are the two most frequent transactions in any vehicle and the parking industry alone is a $35 billion market in the U.S. Building integrated services like parking and fueling into dashboards and digital assistants can establish a transactional relationship for other services with a card on file and create trust and loyalty with their consumers.

If you’re interested in learning how you can offer more value to your customers through bundled mobility services like GasBuddy’s, please contact me at droarty@arrive.com.

Ed Lewis

End-to-End Mobility Solutions for Venues

Arrive is the leader in end-to-end mobility solutions for venues across the U.S. and Canada, powering pre-sale services for 100+ Ticketmaster venues and having sold over $200M in parking for our partners.

Our dedicated ticketing and venues team works with venue partners to pre-sell parking to consumers through multiple channels - removing cash completely from the parking equation. We help your fans book parking before heading to the event through our exclusive Ticketmaster integration and our easy-to-integrate assets for team/venue mobile apps, websites, emails, and social media.

It’s clear from the recent success of our partnership with LAFC and Banc of California Stadium that we take fan experience seriously. We know that the fan experience starts the moment a customer hits “purchase” and we pride ourselves in working closely with each venue to optimize the pre-game, game-day and post-game experience, making it as seamless as possible.

Our inventory management system is fully integrated with Ticketmaster, and simple and efficient to use. Inventory that you allocate to our platform is shared between all channels based on your chosen preferences (e.g. sell no more than 20 spaces for Lot “A” on Ticketmaster). Our system maximizes sales from multiple channels and triggers notifications when inventory gets low so that you can add more, if desired. Partners also have the ability to merchandise inventory on Ticketmaster by specifying the image, copy, price, number of locations and order of locations show during checkout. Our platform can even help impact traffic patterns for games and other major events by designating one primarily location to sell until inventory runs out, then automatically backfilling with the other lots.

Fans who opt to not purchase parking at the same time as ticket purchase receive an email reminder through Ticketmaster, encouraging them to book ahead and make their game-day experience better and more efficient. On the day of the event, integration with navigation partners directs customers to the precise lot and garage location, and our strategic partner ParkHub supports the fastest ingress and egress possible with our mobile pass.

Additional benefits:

  • Offer real-time incentives to arrive early, encouraging more in-event spend
  • Opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell VIP and nearer-in parking


  • $200 million in parking revenue sold through Ticketmaster
  • Customers who pre-purchased parking spent 35% more in-stadium  
  • 5-star customer satisfaction rating

Interested in hearing how we can work for you? Please contact me at ed@arrive.com.

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