Todd Tucker

Tap to Pay is on the Move

Parkway chooses Arrive as their partner to offer new Tap to Pay feature in Philadelphia and other key markets.

After a successful launch of the Arrive Tap to Pay feature in Las Vegas, we are excited to announce the extension of this innovative technology in partnership with Parkway Corporation, Philadelphia’s largest and best-in-class parking owner and operator. Touchless parking is lower risk, convenient and fast for customers, so Parkway became the first parking company in Philadelphia to enable Tap to Pay at most of their locations. They have also deployed the product at other Parkway locations nationwide. 

Among the many qualities Arrive seeks in partners, a shared passion for end-to-end parking solutions that improve the consumer experience is always at the top of our list. With a commitment to unique technology, innovative customer service solutions and ground-breaking design, Parkway is the kind of partner Arrive values most.  

Parkway delivers convenient parking solutions for the workers, customers, and tourists that are back to daily travel. This time around, parking is even better at over 60 Philadelphia area garages and lots, and over 100 across North America. Many things have proven challenging in 2020; Parkway and Arrive both believe parking shouldn’t be one of them. Safety-conscious customers are saying they plan to forgo public transportation and stick to their own personal vehicle making a touchless Tap to Pay option more important than ever. 

With the simple-to-use Tap to Pay feature, anyone with Apple Pay or Google Pay on their mobile phone can simply tap a sign to pay at a supported Parkway location. Authorize payment and park seamlessly without touching any tickets, buttons, or payment machines. 

Arrive has already installed Tap to Pay signage at nearly 40 Parkway locations with plans to expand by early 2021. As always, existing ParkWhiz consumers can continue to use the app as well. 

We are excited to expand this innovative technology into new markets and provide a safer parking experience. If you think Arrive can help your parking experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Dan Roarty

IPSOS Study Finds Workers Plan to Drive Back to Work

Commuter Safety Concerns Spurs Drive to Work Preference

Arrive and The National Parking Association (NPA) commissioned an IPSOS national survey on commuting and driving preferences resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that more than 82% of respondents indicated that they will drive a personal automobile when they return to work, a number that is up 4% nationally from pre-COVID-19 numbers.

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that 118 million people drove to work in 2018.  The increase of 4% from the survey means that an additional 4.7 million drive-to-work commuters will hit the roads in single occupancy vehicles.

When asked why driving is the preferred transportation mode, 33% of respondents indicated safety as a concern fueling their choice to drive, and another 33% indicated that the flexibility of driving was a top reason.

The top three ranked methods of paying for parking are through a monthly parking plan, a payment app or with a traditional parking ticket—with 30% of respondents paying for parking in advance.  45% of commuters indicate that they prefer a contactless payment method to avoid interactions with other people.


“Arrive has developed a range of low-cost and easy-to-install solutions that allow parking operators to enhance their existing infrastructure. These simple solutions make it possible to enable frictionless solutions faster and can help create a better, safer experience for drivers returning to the office,” said Dan Roarty, President and COO of Arrive.  

50% of respondents indicated that they would be happy, excited or relieved to return to their office.  Only 7% of survey respondents said that they plan to use public transportation in the near future.  And, 5% of respondents already tele-work and didn’t commute to an office pre-Covid.

According to NPA President Christine Banning, IOM, CAE, “Driving and parking will be the U.S. and Canada’s first, best way back to work with social distancing.  82% of commuters plan to drive to work post COVID. “

During this sustained global pandemic, driving and parking provides the physical distance, security and reliability that the public now expects and demands.  And throughout the public health crisis of COVID-19, the parking industry has responded with enhanced cleaning practices in accordance with CDC guidelines, and is committed to clean and sanitized parking operations for our employees and customers.

About National Parking Association

Parking is a multi-billion-dollar industry vital to the life and livelihood of communities across North America. The National Parking Association (NPA) is North America’s leading parking trade organization. Our mission is to serve as the market leader in parking industry research, education, and advocacy that advance the industry, and its leaders and parking professionals. We provide training, certification, and access to leading edge parking technology across the private and public sectors. Founded in 1951, NPA represents over 140,000 parking professionals in more than 2,500 commercial operations and public organizations. Learn more at

Jeff Judge

On-Site Operations Just Got a Lot Simpler

The ParkWhiz Mobile Attendant helps parking operators validate license plates and check in vehicles for event parking. On-site personnel can quickly and easily review bookings and validate parking passes from mobile devices. We’re excited to introduce a new version of the app that is not only easier to use, but also introduces a new set of enforcement tools. Here’s a look:

Using the ParkWhiz Mobile Attendant app, lot attendants and enforcement personnel can:

  • View current and future bookings for all of your parking locations listed on the Arrive network (ParkWhiz, BestParking, and hundreds of other partners)
  • Scan parking passes using a QR code, or search for a booking by vehicle license plate or parking pass number
  • Quickly validate bookings using vehicle license plate number
  • View reservations in offline mode - helpful for garages with poor connectivity
  • Contact seller support directly from the app for help

You can download the iOS or Android version of the app today.

We hope this is helpful, and if you’re using the app and have feedback we’d love to hear from you.

Jeff Judge

Getting Smarter with Alexa Conversations

As you may have noticed in today's Alexa Conversations session at Alexa Live, we are one of the partners working to beta test this exciting new platform. Alexa Conversations is a new AI-driven approach to dialog management that enables you to create skills that people interact with in a natural, unconstrained way - using the phrases they prefer, in the order they prefer. Here's a look in case you missed it:

We've been developing our Alexa skill since 2017 and have to say this is the most exciting development we've seen to date. We no longer have to worry about coding for or even identifying all of the different ways people might interact with our skill. Instead, we can provide a set of example dialogs and servicing mappings and allow Alexa Conversations to do all the work -- a huge weight of of our development team's shoulders.

Matt Perille

Tap, Pay, Park

Arrive introduces new drive-up payment option and plans to offer the next generation of digital parking payments

At Arrive, we’ve been working for over a decade to make parking with your phone easy and fast, whether planning ahead with a reservation or driving up and paying on site. The safety and convenience of a quick, touchless payment has never been more important.  

We’re proud to announce our newest feature - Tap to Pay Parking - now available to parking facilities and operators across North America. This simple-to-use feature allows anyone with a mobile phone that supports Apple Pay or Google Pay to simply tap a sign, authorize payment and park seamlessly without touching any tickets, buttons or payment machines.  We recently launched Tap to Pay Parking with the City of Las Vegas and will be expanding to other cities in the coming months.

And - we are delighted to share that we are planning to leverage Apple's new App Clips feature coming later this year in iOS 14. This technology will make Tap to Pay Parking even better, as customers will get the benefit of a beautiful, native iPhone experience without needing our ParkWhiz or Best Parking app (though you'll have the option to download after trying us out).

Here’s a look at Apple demonstrating this new functionality at WWDC:


This capability is a significant step on our journey to enable simple, mobile payments in all parking situations. We are identifying partners throughout the country to add payment signage to their garages, lots, and on-street meters that will support Tap to Pay Parking as it rolls out throughout the year.

We will continue to iterate with Apple, and we’re excited to find more uses for App Clips together. If you think Arrive can help your parking experience, we’d love to hear from you.

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