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Solutions for the
Last Mile

The way we move is changing fast, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Technology has streamlined every aspect of life, and connected and autonomous vehicles are now reality. Your business’s success depends on your customers and employees having a smooth journey with zero bumps in the road.

Enter Arrive, the leading provider of branded and white-labeled last-mile mobility solutions.

Whether it’s for drivers, fleets, or connected vehicles, Arrive’s fully-integrated platform makes it easy for companies and brands to offer frictionless parking and other mobility-related services. Arrive harnesses the power of app, voice, and in-dash technology to make the final leg of modern travel absolutely effortless. Millions of people in hundreds of cities across North America have already experienced Arrive-powered parking through our distribution partners and two consumer-facing brands, ParkWhiz and BestParking.

  • Arrive
  • ParkWhiz
  • BestParking

How Arrive Works for You

Arrive helps partners create new revenue streams, improve the customer
experience, and prepare for the future.

  • Parking Operators

    Arrive’s innovative parking solutions provide a massive customer base to help fill garages and increase revenue. With connected and autonomous vehicles becoming the norm, Arrive also helps your facilities modernize for the future.

  • Automotive

    Fueling and parking are the keys to monetizing any connected car service. By integrating Arrive’s parking technology into vehicles, automakers can capture a share of the $35B U.S. parking market.

  • Travel

    Air travel, hotels, rental cars—whether at home or away, travelers need parking for every step of the journey. With a seamless experience from start to finish, Arrive helps you make it even easier for your customers to explore new places.

  • Venues and Entertainment

    Improve fan experiences by offering simpler event parking at theaters, arenas, and more. Arrive’s robust solutions can be integrated as either a value-added service or part of the ticketing process.

  • Local and Real Estate

    Take the hassles out of parking and give your tenants and visitors a more pleasant visit to your site. Arrive’s tools help you manage parking inventory, promotion and sales tracking, and our team is dedicated to optimizing the user experience.

  • Cities and Universities

    From small communities to major metros, Arrive streamlines the parking experience at any scale. Our customizable inventory configurations enable cities and universities to maximize revenue from both on-street and off-street parking.

By the Numbers

With a reach that is unrivaled by any other company in the space, Arrive has already made it easier for millions of people across the continent get where they are going.

  • 40+
    Million Users

    with Access to Parking Powered by Arrive

  • 230+

    in the U.S and Canada

  • 500+
    Distribution Partners

We Work with Movers and Shakers

Arrive powers parking solutions for hundreds of partners, including some of the biggest consumer brands in the market today. Join the ranks of hundreds of organizations that Arrive helps thrive.

  • Ticketmaster
  • Ford
  • Amazon
  • Tiba
  • Olympia Development - Detroit, MI
  • Hyundai
  • Tomtom
  • SP+

Meet Our Leaders

We're proud to have assembled an incredible team at Arrive. Get to know the people driving our organization.

  • Aashish Dalal
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    Aashish Dalal
    Chairman & Founder
  • Yona Shtern
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    Yona Shtern
  • Dan Roarty
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    Dan Roarty
  • Jeff Judge
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    Jeff Judge
  • Christie Dooley
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    Christie Dooley
    Public Relations and Communications Lead
  • Alichia Sawitoski
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    Alichia Sawitoski
    VP, Marketing
  • Ed Lewis
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    Ed Lewis
    SVP, Business Development
  • Dan Cummings
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    Dan Cummings
    VP, Platform Solutions & Strategy
  • Lindsay Kammo
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    Lindsay Kammo
    Director, Partner Sales and Success
  • Todd Tucker
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    Todd Tucker
    SVP, Market Development
  • Elizabeth Lindemulder
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    Elizabeth Lindemulder
    VP, Product
  • Joshua Krohn
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    Joshua Krohn
    VP, Engineering
  • Edwin Fung
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    Edwin Fung
    Head of Business Intelligence
  • Matt Perille
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    Matt Perille
    Head of Growth
  • Ryan Kern
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    Ryan Kern
    Director, Operations
  • James Lewis
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    James Lewis
    Head of People
  • Rich McClellan
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    Rich McClellan
    VP, Creative Director
  • Angus Toon
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    Angus Toon
    Director, Finance & Accounting