Dan Roarty

IPSOS Study Finds Workers Plan to Drive Back to Work

Commuter Safety Concerns Spurs Drive to Work Preference

Arrive and The National Parking Association (NPA) commissioned an IPSOS national survey on commuting and driving preferences resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that more than 82% of respondents indicated that they will drive a personal automobile when they return to work, a number that is up 4% nationally from pre-COVID-19 numbers.

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that 118 million people drove to work in 2018.  The increase of 4% from the survey means that an additional 4.7 million drive-to-work commuters will hit the roads in single occupancy vehicles.

When asked why driving is the preferred transportation mode, 33% of respondents indicated safety as a concern fueling their choice to drive, and another 33% indicated that the flexibility of driving was a top reason.

The top three ranked methods of paying for parking are through a monthly parking plan, a payment app or with a traditional parking ticket—with 30% of respondents paying for parking in advance.  45% of commuters indicate that they prefer a contactless payment method to avoid interactions with other people.


“Arrive has developed a range of low-cost and easy-to-install solutions that allow parking operators to enhance their existing infrastructure. These simple solutions make it possible to enable frictionless solutions faster and can help create a better, safer experience for drivers returning to the office,” said Dan Roarty, President and COO of Arrive.  

50% of respondents indicated that they would be happy, excited or relieved to return to their office.  Only 7% of survey respondents said that they plan to use public transportation in the near future.  And, 5% of respondents already tele-work and didn’t commute to an office pre-Covid.

According to NPA President Christine Banning, IOM, CAE, “Driving and parking will be the U.S. and Canada’s first, best way back to work with social distancing.  82% of commuters plan to drive to work post COVID. “

During this sustained global pandemic, driving and parking provides the physical distance, security and reliability that the public now expects and demands.  And throughout the public health crisis of COVID-19, the parking industry has responded with enhanced cleaning practices in accordance with CDC guidelines, and is committed to clean and sanitized parking operations for our employees and customers.

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